Readability measures

This week I conducted an eye-opening analysis for a client organization that had asked me to assess its past corporate communication activities. It is a government institution that proves many prejudices that people have about such organizations well… right (but we’re going to change this over the next three months). There are plenty of statistical measures and indices for… Read More »

Corporate communication inventory / design audit

Working with a client to review his current corporate communication practices, I conducted a corporate communication inventory. This issue actually is not very much covered in the textbook (only mentioned as a side issue) and so I thought I’d devote a blog post to this issue and mark it for inclusion into the book in a future update. So… Read More »

CEO signatures

If you have covered financial communication and its tools and tactics – you at least have a rough understanding of what an annual report is (From Chapter 7: “a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year (…) intended to give shareholders and other interested people information on the company’s activities and performance.”) Of course you’re probably… Read More »

Motivating employees through communication

Just a few days ago Kelly and Ben Decker published an excellent article over at on how to best communicate with employees in order to motivate them. They see the main challenge to motivate an employees is shifting his typical response to work from “I have to” to “I want to.” According to their reasoning we have to strategically design a message  in terms… Read More »

Icahn’s open letter

Carl Icahn is an investment legend and has certainly made it into several CEOs’ nightmares. While we are usually talking about “Financial Communication” in terms of how to best communicate with the financial industry and investment community, Icahn is an extreme example of the plentiful challenges for financial communicators. He frequently uses public communication including a dedicated online platform (Shareholders’… Read More »

A remarkable chat…

On the weekend I came across a remarkable chat between an Amazon customer and a customer service agent. While it is of course not realistic that every customer is treated in this way (and some agents or also customers might have reacted completely adversely), for me it really is a stunning piece of excellent communication with customers. It… Read More »

The Cola Wars

Yesterday I happened to watch a great documentary about the century-old struggle for the soft drink consumer between Coca Cola and Pepsi. A really remarkable film highlighting all the marketing challenges and milestones of the two companies. I recommend every marketing and branding student to take 45 minutes, sit back and watch it:

Employer Branding – 2020 Outlook

Over on Richard Mosley has published an interesting article on the increasing importance of employer branding. Some of you might come across this term for the first time – so the term “employer branding” at its core denoted an organization’s reputation (or more precise image) as an employer, as opposed to the more general corporate brand image. In… Read More »

Case – Unitel Laos leaflet

As some of you probably know I currently reside in Laos – a country in Southeast Asia. So today I found an interesting advertising leaflet that came with my daily morning paper (the English-language Vientiane Times btw). Just to let you know – there are plenty of international tourists, expats and people working in the “development industry” here and… Read More »