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50 Reasons Why We Cannot Change

I recently stumbled across the story of E.F. Borisch. He was a product manager for Milwaukee Gear Company – a middle-size gearbox manufacturer in the US. Apparently frustrated with the level of progress in his own company, he sat down and wrote the article Fifty Reasons Why We Cannot Change which was published in the journal Product Engineering… Read More »

New Year’s resolutions and change – taking change management personally

Yes, it’s this time of the year again… So happy new year first of all! At the same time, I’m sure you have used the last days or at least the last hours to think of what’s coming in 2021 and what you would like to do or achieve. I’m also quite sure you have also been asked… Read More »

What do we need for good change management? Well, good change!

I have come across many situations where people put the blame for a failing change project or at least the difficulties in implementing the change to a lack of change management. Of course, change management is a complex undertaking. It requires an in-depth analysis and understanding of the stakeholders. It requires sensitive and strategic communications, diplomatic talent, and… Read More »

Apologies & change – an important couple

Any change project brings plenty of opportunities to practice your skills to apologize. In fact, the art of genuinely and credibly apologizing to me more and more seems a key enabler of change projects. Have you ever thought about your own skill of apologizing in important private or professional situations? Apologizing to your partner or kids, to your… Read More »