Chief Reputation Officer – taking care of a company’s biggest strategic risk

By | 31/07/2018

The Reputation Institute has recently blogged about its concept of a Chief Reputation Officer (CRO) – a function that would take ownership of a company’s reputation, reporting directly to the CEO.  To build and maintain a strong corporate reputation, the CRO would mainly look after five key issues:

  1. Levels of stakeholder support
  2. Reputation readiness
  3. Corporate Communication effectiveness
  4. ROI of reputation
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

All of these are described in more detail in the blog post.

These 5 key indicators / areas also highlight that the role of the CRO isn’t only reactive – advising on reputational crisis and risk factors – but rather proactive, actively driving stakeholder perception of a company and its activities.

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