Employer Branding – 2020 Outlook

By | 15/07/2015

Over on HBR.org Richard Mosley has published an interesting article on the increasing importance of employer branding. Some of you might come across this term for the first time – so the term “employer branding” at its core denoted an organization’s reputation (or more precise image) as an employer, as opposed to the more general corporate brand image. In his post Richard – who can be considered a guru of employer branding – introduces the results of an interview study with 2000 CEO and HR executives from 18 countries, capturing the current state of employer branding. He nicely identifies the increasing relevance of this topic to pretty to all recruitment processes. In this context he notices that employer branding is increasingly used to differentiate a company from its competitors (both for customers and talent) and shows that employer branding has become a global task for companies – just like the war for talents is globalizing.  And would you have guessed that the CEO bears such high responsibility for a company’s employer brand?

Well, there are so many more insights in this article (and even more in the complete study) that I would really encourage all of you to go and read the full article. It captures many more aspects of employer branding such as the role of social media or specific activities that boost an employer brand. Enjoy!

And for everyone who has a spare 15 minutes to spend – here’s a video overview of the 2020 Outlook study by Universum:

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