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Change weariness – helping staff cope with change

When you look around your organisation at the moment, there is one fact hard to ignore – change weariness is increasing. It was even before Corona but is now receiving a critical push with the pandemic. When you reflect on your own situation, you might even notice it in your own thinking and behaviour. And therefore it is… Read More »

Motivating employees through communication

Just a few days ago Kelly and Ben Decker published an excellent article over at on how to best communicate with employees in order to motivate them. They see the main challenge to motivate an employees is shifting his typical response to work from “I have to” to “I want to.” According to their reasoning we have to strategically design a message  in terms… Read More »

Employer Branding – 2020 Outlook

Over on Richard Mosley has published an interesting article on the increasing importance of employer branding. Some of you might come across this term for the first time – so the term “employer branding” at its core denoted an organization’s reputation (or more precise image) as an employer, as opposed to the more general corporate brand image. In… Read More »