Investor Relations – What has changed over the last decade?

By | 05/09/2018

As the Investor Relations Magazine turns thirty, its editors look a bit at their own history and the history of investor relations. In an interview with Smooch Repovich Reynolds, managing director of the investor relations and corporate communications practice at ZRG Partners, the editors discuss groundbreaking developments that have shaped the past 10 years in this industry.

Smooch kicks off with a look at jobs and roles in IR and highlights that 10 years ago there weren’t even specific job titles for people working in this area, showing how new this comms area still is. He also emphasizes that the various techniques, from storytelling to framing to the actual brand building have only been introduced to financial communications activities over the past years, and investor relations officers have seen a continuous promotion within organizations – where they now have arrived at the board level. This all has happened as people realized how important investor relations is for a healthy company. Smooch also discussed the influence of the financial crisis on IR activities and the IR profession, highlighting how important dedicated but impartial talent is for this function.

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