The new “Creativity” in Marketing

By | 01/04/2017

Mark Bonchek and Cara France published their thoughts on means to achieve creative marketing on the HBR Blog. Their five theses or recommendations can be summarized as follows:

  1.  Create with (not just for) the customer – This is all about involving customers right from the early stages of product development, using their experiences, expectations and drivers of satisfaction for creating better and more successful products.
  2. Invest in end-to-end experiences – This means to think about more than just the pure use experience. Successful marketers today take a wholistic view of the user’s experiences related to a product, including things like the buying process, support processes, and relationships with the customers after the purchase.
  3. Turn everyone into and advocate – Think about all stakeholders from employees, to suppliers to customers and identify ways to turn them into active brand and product ambassadors. This becomes ever more important in a world with extremely fragmented media in which everyone via Facebook and other social media is a broadcaster and multiplier.
  4. Introduce creative and smart measurement – Today available data and ways to actually generate data are so enormous that it becomes easier to develop more meaningful ways to analyze behavior, perceptions and results. Think about real ways to measure how people use your product, how happy they are with what you provide them or what can be done better (it’s never been easier)!
  5. Think like a start-up – As a result of the previous 4 points, modern marketers have to think more like entrepreneurs rather than than managers and promoters, always having an eye on how their products still fit the market.

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