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By | 20/05/2015

As some of you probably know I currently reside in Laos – a country in Southeast Asia. So today I found an interesting advertising leaflet that came with my daily morning paper (the English-language Vientiane Times btw). Just to let you know – there are plenty of international tourists, expats and people working in the “development industry” here and so there is a big English-language community that pretty much justifies an English-language state newspaper as well as plenty of expat-focused marketing and service offerings (usually in the capital Vientiane and the world heritage site Luang Prabang).

Having said that, I encourage you to take a closer look at the leaflet that I have added in high resolution. Overall I hope you agree that this might not be the most convincing piece of marketing. Just check out the language, the letter head, and the overall design simply based on a typed, stamped/signed and then badly scanned letter. Unnecessary to mention that it already is more than a month old… In the letter you not only find several ways to spell the company name and two brand names that somehow seem to be synonyms, but also lots of unclear messages. I am not sure what “guaranty with speed more than 98%” would mean if there is no speed information provided. So the piece probably leaves you with more questions than answers. And by the way: it doesn’t look odd because of the scan – it is scanned exactly the way I received it this morning – so it is printed quite skewed and with really bad quality. Anyway, I still wish Unitel “to successful and happiness”.

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