Facebook LIVE – what is it (and what not)

By | 22/02/2017

Facebook Live is a new powerful social network feature that was gradually introduced only a few months ago and it is beginning to grow in relevance. In part this is due to Facebook’s preference and prioritization of live content in its algorithms that determine who gets to see what and when. But secondly this is also due to companies feeling increasingly comfortable to become actual (and fairly professional) broadcasters. I have always been ad advocate of the potential that such broadcasting roles has for a company and its brand(s). A direct broadcasting channel to your preferred audience lets you send “unspoilt” messages (I mean without gatekeepers involved) and engage in direct relationships. In some contexts this is obviously more helpful than in others. I have been working in a few countries where either the traditional media is so extremely government controlled that you could never get your message through to the audience without major tweaks by the press, or media was – put simply – just not competent enough to spend valuable time and resources on major engagement with them.

So the question is, how can you use it strategically? Here are a few ways that I have either experimented with in the past weeks and months ourselves or have observed by others:

  • Personalize your company / brand: One way to use live videos is to break the barrier between a company and its customers. By introducing company team members and points of view, people are more likely to feel connected to a brand.
  • Get your audience to engage with you regularly: Schedule regular live sessions – such as a monthly preview or look back. Or monthly live quiz or draw.
  • Use the increased Facebook relevance for higher reach: Introduce your next product or feature update live instead of pre-recorded videos or blogs (you can still use them complimentary).
  • Connect online and offline: Sett up a Facebook Live feed at your next event. Simply broadcast your next product presentation, workshop opening or press conference live on Facebook.
  • Build an emotional connection: The more personal touch of a live session (watching something “live” lets people feel as being part of something) enables you to access your audience’s emotions much better – so share some behind the scenes impressions at a big launch event, celebrate new production equipment or new team members live.

You probably have additional ideas or experiences with this new Facebook feature. Please share them below, I’d love to see how you apply Facebook Live in cour comms routines.

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