Top Tipps for Designing Investor Relations Websites

By | 01/03/2017

Regular followers of my blog know the value of IR Magazine research and reporting. I recently came across an article featuring top advice on investor relations websites, as IR Magazine interviewed Patrick Kiss, head of investor and public relations at shopping center retail firm Deutsche EuroShop.

Kiss produced a list of 10 key recommendations, which in short would be

  • Optimized (and internalized)  website management (because regulations require immediate publication).
  • Straight forward presentation of key information with little scrolling (to avoid suspicion over hiding information). He says “Average visitors are likely to be non-professionals so if they can’t find what they want straight away they will move onto another company whenever possible.”
  • One-click site structure, for full disclosure of everything available on the site, organized into useful groups and headings.
  • Go beyond legally required disclosure, by providing all the information that might be useful to a stockholder. That also implies to not remove information after six months (minimum public display period). Instead, treat the page as an IR archive.
  • Design a website that works on all devices.
  • Provide actual documents – not just links to documents (and use web pages rather than PDFs).

But I found his most useful advice to be around innovation in communication:

 ‘At the beginning of the social media wave we started posting videos of our centers under construction, which received a very positive reaction. And we now use two cameras for recording our CEO’s presentations, one which records for posterity and another that livestreams.’

Read the full article with more useful advice here:

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